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Team Up with the Leader in Personal & Corporate Gifting Clean Solutions

Tap into the power of technology and discover 'how Cloud Designs can help solve your business’ most corporate  & Personal gifting challenges. Bring the power of Cloud Designs to your business, employees, or residents.


Strategic Partnerships

We’re always looking for partners who share our values and passion. Follow the link below, fill out the form, and let’s talk about how we can join forces to make a difference in our customers’ lives.


become a franchisee

We’ll handle all Crafting & Designing, technology and all aspects of customer service so you can focus on gifting.Partnering with Cloud Designs will take your business to the next level. We share in-depth metrics to help shed light on operational challenges you didn’t know existed.We only work with the best. Get ahead of your competitors and increase your daily volume immediately by partnering with us.

Investor Presentation



One of a kind platform

One of a kind platform offering unique handcrafted goods from creative entrepreneurs around the world.


Early stage opportunity

Significant early stage opportunity to own “special” and capture a greater share 


Focused Growth Strategy

Successfully executing a long-term growth strategy focused on our Right to Win


Strong brand awareness

Leveraging our strong brand awareness with marketing initiatives to drive frequency and growth


Strong Financial Performance

Delivering strong top and bottom line operating and financial performance

Cloud Designs  is the global marketplace for unique and creative goods. We connect millions of buyer from nearly every state around india to leverage the power of business. Our mission is to "Keep Commerce Human."

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