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A complete guide to choose Awards and Trophies

Awards and trophies are a great way to show your thanks and appreciation to your employees or winners of any event. In this article, at we will discuss how to choose an award or trophy and customize it for your specific needs.

Custom awards are the perfect gift of appreciation presented in any company party or event. There are many kinds of awards and trophies to choose from. For example, years of service, star employee, Chairman’s award, best team player, and sales awards. There are numerous categories in which employees are awarded. We also have awards catered to sports including cricket, football, badminton, and much more! Trophies can also be designed for product launch events. The miniature of the product can be designed as a trophy and presented. The material and the type of award determine the final output in terms of appearance and quality. A well-designed award or trophy will be treasured by the receivers for life.

Awards and trophies can be made from glass, acrylic, wood, metal, bamboo, and crystal. Glass and crystal awards are attention-grabbing ones and makes a statement like no other one. Acrylic is lightweight and easy to handle. It is priced less compared to others. Awards made from all these materials can be made or cut into any shape according to the company logo or the event conducted. Crystal is used for carving very complex designs to make three-dimensional trophies.

We are honored to bring our partnership in design and quality to the greatest brands and be a part of their celebration. We have catered awards and trophies for more than a hundred companies and have created many rare and prestigious awards.

Customize our much-lauded pre-designed awards with your name and company logo or design your own at Cloud Designs. Experience our magic and elevate your awards program to the next level of innovation and luxury.

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