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Companies with strong onboarding process have significantly better employees

Updated: Jun 9, 2019

Effective onboarding has been proven to impact key organizational outcomes and positively influence organizational culture.

Effective onboarding increases retention.

Research links effective onboarding to reduced turnover and increased retention. In one study, employees were 60% more likely to remain with the organization for more than three years when there is a structured onboarding program. In another study, 15% of respondents decided to leave their current position simply due to an ineffective or no onboarding process. This is important, as increased retention impacts organizational characteristics including culture, morale and productivity.

Effective onboarding reduces employee ramp-up time

Studies show that effective on-boarding reduces the time it takes a new employee to effectively contribute to the organization. Additional benefits of a shortened ramp-up time include, a reduced time to reach optimized productivity, achieve better performance and build workplace relationships.

Effective on-boarding increases the likelihood of employee engagement

Multiple studies reveal that effective on-boarding programs increase the likelihood that employees will be engaged in the workplace. A study on driving performance and engagement showed that effective on-boarding increases employees’ “discretionary effort” by as much as 20%.Other studies link effective on-boarding to improved employee perceptions of workplace conditions where engagement is most likely to happen.

This could be a desk already set-up with a standard issue kit and tech, a mug with the new colleague’s name on it, a talk from the CEO and top team about the values of the business to new recruits, a pre-determined buddy to show people the ropes, a learning experience shaped on the values of the organization. The list is endless. It’s all

about the context, being authentic, and creatively shaping those initial experiences.

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