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Greeting cards - A timeless tale of treasure

Greeting card is a gift loved and cherished by everyone regardless of age. Greeting cards not only have emotional benefits but also foster physical connection as it is touched by both sender and receiver. Writing a thoughtful message will bring out happy emotions from both sender and receiver. Greeting cards is great way to express your thoughts and emotions. It nurtures the relationships makes it stronger. Writing personal messages in greeting cards, touch receiver’s heart making them preserve it and. Sending greeting cards is an age old tradition which has proven to significantly raise the morale of relationships.

The tradition of giving greeting cards traces back in human history to thousands of years ago. Greeting cards is an evolution of written letters. Though the forms of expressing the personal messages have changed the idea of sharing our thoughts through letters or cards haven’t gone anywhere. When we see the human history, even the cavemen before pre-historic times used to mark important occasions on cave walls as an art and later with letters. This clearly shows that special occasions have always been celebrated and marked. So it is natural urge for humans to celebrate important occasions. Sending personalized greeting cards on special events is an amazing way to express your emotions or thoughts on a person. Now a day, you don’t have to wait for a special day to express your thoughts. You can easily send personalized greeting cards to just let to know them that they are in your thoughts or you are proud of them or simply to wish them good.

Sending messages through cards creates a positive experience and has a huge emotional impact that the instant digital messages can never do. We at Cloud Designs have helped in creating connection between friends and family by sending carefully curated messages in greeting cards of unique and trendy designs. Covid lockdown had hit us all badly and working in this dire situation is challenging and stressful for the employees. So one of our corporate client asked for a gift package with a personalized message for each employee to boost their morale and their family’s. We were happy to be a part of such initiative and the creative minds of our team worked on exquisite designs to type personalized messages on it and present it with the gift hamper. The employees were touched by the management’s efforts and this gesture made them and their family remember for life.

Greeting cards create long-lasting memories and many store the cards close to their heart safely to remember the times gone by. What are you waiting for? Create a deeply touching greeting card with us and send to your loved ones!

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