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"Growth Behind Cloud Designs"- People

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

How do you define the success of a business or organization? Well, a majority of people gauge it by the revenue levels, percent of market share and so on, but only a precious few know that it is the employees who are the key drivers for all aspects of business success.

Simply put, they are the face of your trademark or brand. While there are several factors that contribute to the success of a business, the contribution of the workforce (people) is what makes the rest of the factors more meaningful. Be it a sound strategy, a marketable product or service, the quality of business environment, or capital, all these factors are idle without workforce because the aforesaid factors eventually fall to the people within the organization for execution. This is very much evident in some of the companies sayings like “Our employees are our asset”, but unfortunately very few make it work for their good.

A look into good people management and what impact does it have? Recruits or workforce with a high level of engagement in the place of work are bound to contribute to an organization’s success. This is said on the grounds that they're additionally eager to put forth a concentrated effort well beyond their essential remit to complete tasks that help the business to accomplish its core objectives. Research additionally demonstrates that people who see themselves as working for a powerful administrator score up to 400 percent higher on commitment evaluations than the individuals who trust their executive to be lacking ability.

Key to Startup Business Success

Before getting to see about how employee’s engagement is directly related to a business’s success, let’s get down to the brass tacks of it. Employee commitment or employee engagement is nothing but the level of involvement he/she has towards their organization and its values and beliefs. In the recent years, it has emerged as a popular organizational concept and it goes without saying that employees are the true face of your brand, be it big or small. An engaged employee is familiar of trade context, and works with colleagues to scale up the overall performance within the job for the welfare of the organization, meet deadlines, make sales and put up the brand via constructive customer communications. With that said, employee engagement and organization productivity or success is directly connected and is also linked to the satisfaction of the customer which again is linked to an organization's financial success.

Whether it is a start up or a Multinational company, without employee engagement the success or growth isn’t achieved.People are the core of your business success, hence it is imperative to treat them as such. Cloud Designs road map to success is very simple; we started by building a community within the organization and our focus has been on people as the legendary Zig Ziglar saying “Build your people and people will build your business”, and seeing tremendous growth in the processes. Having said all that, it is people, who determine the success or failure of your business, be it a startup or an established organization, on all occasions, focus on building a community within your organization instead of building a community of customers and this will help you reach heights.

Good Luck- May your dreams come true !!

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