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Welcome kit for new employees: Why it can be the best onboarding gift?

Welcome your employees to their new roles in an exciting and interesting way with Cloud designs specially curated joining kits. Tammy Cohen once said, "A great employee is like a four-leaf clover - hard to find and lucky to have", and yes, we couldn't agree more. A right onboarding kit will foster a sense of belonging and make the new employee feel they're valued and appreciated.

Say the perfect hello to your hire with our welcome kits. To make your employees feel comfy and settled in we have carefully curated welcome kits with multiple options. Welcome kits usually have various combinations of products like laptop backpacks, t-shirts, sweatshirts, caps, notebooks, diary, pens, USB drives, card holder, desktop clock, mug, bottle, sipper, keychain and various other products of utility and daily work use. For field employees who often travel make a twist and offer a bundle that aids in their travel. This classic set includes a travel duffle, passport wallet, luggage tag, ballpoint pen, and more. They'll be extra appreciative that their welcome gift was tailored for them and their new position. Treat their palate with culinary-inspired chocolates, snakes, or dry fruits. This unique box of treats gives anyone a reason to smile. Add thoughtful extras like a greeting card giving a personal touch that makes your new joiner feel connected.

Besides Employee joining kits, there can be company anniversary gifts, staff meet gifts, and sales meet gifts for employees of your organization. Don't let go of the opportunity to show off your company - do provide them with company SWAG - Stuff We All Need (some branded merchandise, a corporate T-shirt, etc.)

We thoughtfully curate custom-branded high-quality corporate gifts which will definitively offer great value for money, considering the functionality that they offer, thus aiding your marketing and promotions efforts.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick your favorites from our incredible collection, and bring out the great hospitality of your organization.

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